Committed to Safety in British Columbia

SAFETY Is Number One at Kamco Installations Ltd.
The company Health and Safety program focuses on meeting and exceeding the expectations of Work Safe BC, the provincial regulations and federal legislation. Our exemplary safety record supports “zero tolerance” for injury.

The Company Safety Program
Our company Health and Safety program policy represents our pledge and promise to all our stakeholders regarding our commitment to health and safety. All of our safety programs have been developed and redeveloped to support the commitment and principles set out in the company’s safety policy.

Recognized past performance for our high standard of safety is displayed in the numerous certificates of recognition for safety awards from previous employers and prime contractors who agree Kamco Installations Ltd. is serious about continuously placing safety in the forefront of quality and production.

All employees are expected to meet or exceed their responsibilities and obligations, as set out within the company health, safety and environmental policies program. Our health and safety program manual sets out the policies, programs and plans we will use to uphold our safety policy.

In addition, our safety program assigns responsibilities for implementation of these plans. It further sets out a process for measuring how well plans have been executed. Feedback we receive from this measurement will help to ensure that Kamco Installations Ltd. is continually improving our processes and results.