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About Us

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Since 1974
Located in Kamloops in the heart of the interior of British Columbia, locally owned and operated Kamco Installations Ltd. has been involved with many major construction projects throughout the province since it was founded by Michael Farina in 1974. Michael felt that the BC interior area was in need of a qualified industrial pipe contractor and so, with a Stinger crane and 15 years of experience, he opened for business.

Since then, with the help of his management team and on-site crews, he has built a reputation for providing excellent work and has added to an ever-growing and evolving fleet of equipment.

After completing the overland tailings and reclaim lines at Copper Mountain near Princeton, BC, Kamco Installations Ltd. was featured in the Similkameen Spotlight Commemorative Keepsake Edition 2011 (page 17). In 2012 Kamco Installations Ltd. caught the attention of Finning Canada while working at New Afton Mine outside of Kamloops and was featured in their Winter 2012 edition of Tracks & Treads (pages 25-27).

Small, Medium and Large Projects
Kamco Installations has taken part in many small, medium and large sized projects throughout the province of British Columbia. Please contact us to discuss your needs or to schedule a free estimate.